Babrees Talismanic


Born: 18th March 2004
Colour: Red
Sex: Dog

Unfortunately The Kennel Club did not allow our first choice name of Talisman, nor our 2nd, 3rd or even 4th choice of name! But, finally they did allow Talismanic.

Talis was like a great big huge cuddly sloppy teddybear! Standing at 24 inches at the withers he was only just within the breed standard, and was a big boy all round. Not quite sure where on earth his size came from, but he was a lovely dog! Very bouncy and playful all the time! He would drive his kennel mates nuts with his constant wanting to play!

Babrees Desert Orchid Via Caoilta It & Int Ch Velikaya’s Lahatutan Isr & Int Ch Lahav Me Shaar Hagai
Dalya Me Shaar Hagai
Layla Me Shaar Hagai (Imp) Isr Ch Shavit Me Shaar Haga
Int & Isr Ch, WW 94 Bat Me Shaar Hagai
Makiwer Enchantress For Tokra Fin, Swe, Nor, Int Ch Waltzun Romeo Fin Ch Noded Me Shaar Hagai
Hila Me Shaar Hagai
Babrees Bright Blaise Sivan Me Shaar Hagai (Imp)
Anacan Divine Brown For Babrees

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