Babrees Voodoo Vixen


Born: 18th March 2004
Colour: White & Red
Sex: Bitch

Bi-lateral deafness

Vicky was gorgeous! Super character, lovely type and structure. However, she was deaf. For more information, read my article on deafness in Canaan Dogs. This was in no detriment to her leading a happy, healthy life, and she lived it to the full!

Babrees Desert Orchid Via Caoilta It & Int Ch Velikaya’s Lahatutan Isr & Int Ch Lahav Me Shaar Hagai
Dalya Me Shaar Hagai
Layla Me Shaar Hagai (Imp) Isr Ch Shavit Me Shaar Haga
Int & Isr Ch, WW 94 Bat Me Shaar Hagai
Makiwer Enchantress For Tokra Fin, Swe, Nor, Int Ch Waltzun Romeo Fin Ch Noded Me Shaar Hagai
Hila Me Shaar Hagai
Babrees Bright Blaise Sivan Me Shaar Hagai (Imp)
Anacan Divine Brown For Babrees

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