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What's New

23 May 2005

Ok, at long last we have managed to update the site with some new photos of the puppies! They are all doing fine and growing quickly!

21st April 2005

They've arrived! on the 18th April Beth had 7 healthy little puppies. Whilst both Jack and Beth could produce all colours, mother nature decreed this litter would all be black!  We have 2 black/white boys, 1 black/white girl, 1 black boy and 3 black girls. Mum and pups are doing great.  Click here to see them.


29th March 2005

 Willowdale Farm in the snow I've at last managed to find time to upload some new photos and update/tidy the pages of all our dogs! I still need to get out and take some more photos, but there are some nice ones of some of them playing in the snow - see Talis, Vicky, Benji, Frenchie, Carrie, Tess and Evie

We also have new photos of dogs that we have bred, and hope to add them soon!


18th March 2005

Didn't Pam do well at Crufts! Our Crufts judge for 2005 was Vanessa Williams, who is well acquainted with our breed and has judged them several times before. This year there were no dogs were entered from overseas, which meant less dogs than last year, nevertheless it was a good entry of 15 dogs and way above the average entry for Canaan Dogs at Championship shows.

This was the first year that Ian did not go to Crufts on the day we were exhibiting, and Pam and I made the trek to Birmingham together. With Pam being first on with her German Spitz we had to leave early and were on the road by 5.30am. The roads were all clear and we had a good journey, rolling straight into the West car park and managing to park down the bottom end too! It was great getting in early because I could nip quickly round the stands and do the necessary shopping before it became crowded. Once again we were in ring 16, hall 4, which is a great place to be. It is easy to get into, without having to fight your way through all the main trade stands, and never as crowded as the other halls, but there was still a respectable crowd around the ring to watch. As usual there were many visitors from overseas watching Canaan Dogs and chatting to the exhibitors. Amongst them was Nancy Martin who handles Bryna Comsky's (Ha'Aretz) dogs in the USA.

This year was fantastic for Pam O'Loughlin, who was on cloud 9 for a very long time! Pam was first in the ring down in hall 1 with her German Spitz (Mittel), Twix, where she made him up to a Champion and won BOB. Twix is now 7 years old and Pam had stopped showing him when he was about 2 years old as he had totally lost interest and would simply stand like a sack of potatoes in the ring! Working hard on him for a few years, Pam finally brought him back into the ring and her hard work was paid off with him winning his first CC almost immediately, then next two followed quite quickly and all were with BOB.

In the Canaan Dog ring Pam went on to win BD & BOB with Babrees Desert Orchid via Caoilta (Dezi) This was the second time that Dezi has won BOB at Crufts, the first time was 2 years ago, when he was just 9 months old. Although he has not been heavily campaigned, Dezi has won numerous RBDs, BDs and BOBs at Open and Championship level, as well as group wins and placings at open shows.

Pam handled her German Spitz in the group ring, so I handled Dezi for her. Whilst of course he knows me well, I had never actually handled him in the ring so we were unsure how he would behave, especially as he could see Pam! But we needn't have worried; he behaved himself impeccably and floated happily around the ring with his tail up, and many people, including professional handlers, commented on how nice he looked and how well he moved. Having left home at 5.30, we eventually got back home at 10.30 that evening, absolutely shattered!

Thank you to everybody who has sent their best wishes and congratulations to both Pam and Ian and me.

We've updated our puppies page and also added the latest stud dog, Collo, that we are hoping to mate Sandy to later in the year.

8th February 2005

It's been some time since our last update. Apologies to all, but we have been kept very busy and sadly no longer have the time to do monthly updates on this site. However, we will update it as often as we can and will of course relate any news that we may have.

On the news front, we have just mated Beth with Jack, and you will find details on the puppies page.

2004 ended on a very sad note when Connie Higgins passed away. Connie was instrumental in getting the Canaan Dog recognised by The Kennel Club back in 1970. If it wasn't for the many months of hard and frustrating work she put into the breed back then, the Canaan Dog would probably be on the import register, if recognised at all today. Our thoughts are with her husband, Stan, and family for their great loss.

2005 started no better, and Dr Dvora Ben Shaul passed away on 2nd February after a lengthy illness. Dvora's last correspondence to the UK was addressed to members of The Canaan Dog Club of the UK, urging them not to change the standard, for which she felt very strongly. Dvora was a wildlife biologist and studied Canaan Dogs in their natural habitat and Bedouin encampments over a period of many years. She knew, studied and worked with Prof. Menzel, founder of the Canaan Dog. She bred, trained, showed and judged Canaan Dogs extensively and will be great loss to the breed.

The British Canaan Dog Society will have a tribute to both these fine ladies on their website soon.

So, back to this site. I've been working hard on it for the last couple of days, but mainly "behind the scenes". The site had become very big, and looking at what pages were popular I have rearranged the photo albums and made a number of other adjustments, which you shouldn't really notice, but just make the site easier to manage and run smoother. I still have to sort out the puppy photos as well as the photos of our Canaans playing together and our page dedicated to those we have lost, but hope to do that soon. If you come across something that doesn't appear to be working correctly, please let us know so we can fix it!