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13th February 2006

Well, we've just moved our website over to a new, faster and more modern server, and to say that we had a few hic-cups is a real understatement! This was the fourth site of ours to be moved over - all the others went very smoothly, but of course this one just didn't want to go! So it's meant that I'm once again a bit behind in updating everything!

Anyway, the puppies are now 1 month old, and have of course grown tremendously. Mum and pups are all doing fine. Click here for the latest photos.

12th January 2006

Yesterday morning Frenchie's temperature dropped dramatically, so we knew that we would have puppies within the next 24 hours or so. We were praying for her to have them during the day and not night-time, but Frenchie was not giving any signs of immenent labour. So that evening Ian went to bed and I made myself comfortable on the settee with Frenchie. Just ½ an hour after Ian went to bed Frenchie became restless, then ¼ hour later I saw the first contraction so went and got Ian out of bed. It was just over an hour later, at 12.45am, that the first puppy arrived. A bit of a difficult birth, which poor Frenchie was not at all happy with! But once the puppy fully emerged she was totally contented. The rest of the puppies all popped out easily, and Frenchie did her maternal duties well, Ian only having to lend a hand with a couple to cut the cord.

The last puppy arrived at 3.35am and we had 5 BOYS — 4 were red and 1 white.

For those that follow colour genetics... They are all sable - yes, even the white! This is unusual as white Canaan Dogs are usually caused by recessive e. This has come down from Bayud. Although, being wild-born, we do not know his colour from birth (which is an indicator of his genetic colour), he has produced white sable before. Being white sable means that he will have excellent pigment all year round and shouldn't suffer from a snow nose. They are all Irish Spotted, which means that we now know Dezi's colour follows that pattern, not patched.

Anyway, enough of my rambling - you can see the puppies here We hope to take individual photos this afternoon, and will upload them as soon as we can.

1st January 2006


Hope you are not suffering from a hang-over after celebrating the New Year! For the first time in about 9 years Ian and I were unable to get away to our usual haunt in Spain, but it was a lovely surprise when our friends from there rang us on Christmas morning! Thank you all - it was lovely to hear from you! This year, therefore, Christmas and New Year were both very quiet for us (except for the fireworks at midnight - sounded like World War 3 had erupted!). But we have made sure that we have booked our new dog sitter for next Christmas!

The few days of heavy frost followed by the snow, meant that all our outside taps were frozen solid for several days, making cleaning out the kennels pretty difficult. Then the rains came and it meant our fields were a mass of slimy wet mud! When the taps began to thaw we then lost water pressure - probably due a a burst water pipe somewhere, and couldn't begin to clean the kennels that day, so we are glad to see the back of 2005! Today is not too bad - pretty damp but not raining! The dogs don't seem to mind the weather, whatever it brings (except for the wind!), and don't appear to notice when they come back in filthy and muddy! I have to admit that I went for a burton a couple of times, but the most embarrasing time was when I was in the chicken shed and the wind caught the door, shutting it and neatly dropping the latch effectively locking me in! Although I shouted for Ian as loud as I could he simply could not hear me. In the end I had to attempt to crawl through the small hatch, nearly getting stuck half-way through as I've put on a bit of weight!!!! When I eventually got out Ian said he thought I was a long time!

Ian and I are both kept extremely busy with our work, as well as our voluntary work and looking after the dogs, which is why I just haven't had the time to update this site. But a New Year resolution is to try and get organised to enable us to make time for other things! Hmm, I wonder just how many resolutions around the world are actually kept! Unfortunately, I am no longer in a position to be able to take photographs of the dogs like I used to, but I certainly hope to try and take a few more than I did last year!

So, what's new with our dogs? All are keeping well, although poor Talis has developed dry eye, which we are treating him for but it may necessitate an operation.

Our biggest news is that we have mated Frenchie to Dezi, and puppies are due around the 14th January. Frenchie has always been a very loving girl, but has become quite clingy in the last couple of weeks, following me around the house all the time. She's very well and last night I felt a puppy move for the first time. Although Frenchie loves a fuss, for some reason she does not like me feeling her tummy, trying to feel the puppies moving, and will not lie still!

Back in August, Myrna Shiboleth came over from Israel in order to speak at a seminar held by the British Canaan Dog Society (proposed) and also to judge a match at their rally the next day. We were very proud that Myrna found her Best Canaan Dog to be Dezi, runner up was Vicky, whom Myrna believed would give Dezi a run for his money when she was a bit older, and Best Canaan Dog Puppy was Indy.

Whilst we have not campaigned a dog in the show ring for about 4 years, I have taken Indy to a few shows where he has done well, achieving several Best Puppies (although sometimes by default) and also Puppy Group 2. I don't think we will take up campaigning a dog again, certainly not in the near future, however, we shall probably just attend a few shows as we have been doing.

In the meantime, over the next few days/weeks I hope to be able to update and tidy up this site, which has become so big it now somewhat unruly!

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