Layla Me Shaar Hagai


Born: 9th February 1996
Colour: Black
Sex: Bitch
Breeder: Myrna Shiboleth (Israel)

Eyes: Clear
Hip Score: 5/2
Patella Luxation: Clear

Our gorgeous Layla came to us from Israel in 1996. At that time imported animals had to go into quarantine for 6 months. We were extremely fortunate in that our local quarantine kennel had the rare experience of having previously looked after two Canaan Dogs, also imported from Israel when Ilan and his family moved here. Being local also meant that we could visit her every day and get to know her. Layla was beautiful, with a wonderful gentle character, so loving, and everybody fell in love with her. On top of that she was excellent in type and structure and did very well in the show ring. She could have done a lot better, but unfortunately when in the ring she could be a bit shy at times and didn’t show herself off. She was a fantastic mother and went on to produce some excellent puppies.

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