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Multi Champion, Multi WW & Euro W
Velikaya's Lahatutan

Born: 1st July 1997
Colour: Cream and White
Sex: Dog
Owner and Breeder: Isabella Zirri (Italy)

Eyes tested clear
Hips scored A (excellent)
Patella Luxation tested clear

Norby came over to the UK and stayed with us for a year in order to expand our limited gene pool. Having done his "duty" he went back home to Isabella in Italy. He has a wonderful character and temperament and we miss him terribly!

Norby's show career to date is pretty impressive, and he has been awarded many CACs and CACIBs in various countries and under many different judges, making him a Champion in many countries as well as Internationally. He is also a World Winner, Europe Winner and Bundessieger Winner. Now he has one more country to add to his long list of Best of Breed wins - the UK!

Having arrived in England on Thursday 24th May 2001, Norby was shown at Crufts, handled by Thomas Wastiaux, and was awarded Best Dog, going on to take Best of Breed at his first show in England! Judge was Mr Peter Jolley. At Crufts on 9th March 2002, he once again took Best Dog and Best Opposite Sex, under judge Mr O Staunskjaer. Then, after returning home, at the World Show, Amsterdam, in July 2002, Norby again took World Winner, CAC & CACIB, only being beaten for Best of Breed by his litter sister!

Norby’s Pedigree (Correct to the best of our knowledge)
Int Ch Lahav Me Shaar Hagai Int & World Ch Sirpad
Me Shaar Hagai
Shimshon Me Shaar Hagai
Isr Ch Ayn Haarava Me Shaar Hagai
Gali Me Shaar Hagai Isr Ch Anan Me Shaar Hagai
Int & Isr Ch Hama Shaar Hagai
Dalya Me Shaar Hagai Shazaf Me Shaar Hagai Int & World Ch Sirpad Me Shaar Hagai
Int & Isr Ch Hama Shaar Hagai
Isr Ch Rotem Me Shaar Hagai Isr Ch Lapid Me Shaar Hagai
Isr Ch Zaaka Me Shaar Hagai