U’Nes Bat Bayud De Solemel


Born: 13th July 2003
Colour: Sand and White
Sex: Bitch
Breeder: Laurence Aries (France)

I was determined to have a bitch from Bayud, a free-born dog, when I saw him on my trip to Israel. At that time it would have meant any import from Israel would have had to go through the expense of quarantine. So, when Laurence Aries in France obtained some semen from him for AI, I put our names down for a puppy! But when the semen arrived it had been damaged, and it was doubtful it would be able to produce puppies. But Laurence still went ahead, and it resulted in a lovely litter!

We had second choice and when we went over we chose our Frenchie, who arrived in the UK on 31st May 2004. She was the sweetest girl ever, and such a silly thing, clowning around.

Her one litter produced our gorgeous Rene. Could not ask for anything more!

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