12th January 2006

Babrees Desert Orchid via Caoilta

It & Int Ch, Multi WW, Multi Europe, Multi Bundessieger Velikaya’s Lahatutan

Int Ch Lahav Me Shaar Hagai

Dalya Me Shaar Hagai

Isr Ch Shavit Me Shaar Hagai

Int & Isr Ch Bat Me Shaar Haga

Bayud Bedouin Me Tel Arad

Ben Bedoui Me Tel Arad


Fr Ch Sufat Holt Me Shaar Hagai

Isr, Lux, Int, AKC Ch Barak Me Shaar Hagai

Isr Ch Timnath Sarah

This litter consisted of 5 boys, all named with a French theme!

Babrees French Resistance
First born at 12.45am
Weight 370g
Stayed with us

Babrees French Connection
Second born at 1.05am
Weight 372g
Went to the USA

Babrees Kal Coeur De Lion
Third born at 2.05am
Weight 456g
Went to Jersey

Babrees Blanc De Blanc
Fourth born at 2.35am
Weight 420g
Stayed in UK

Babrees Pardon My French
Fifth born at 3.35am
Weight 425g
Stayed in UK

When you want a break from the kids…